Worlds' History: Comparison with 2011

As you may already know that we've experienced unprecedented levels of events this year, including the collapse of 30-year-longstanding autocracy of the former Egyptian leader, largest earthquake and tsunami attacked Japan, greatest nuclear disaster in Fukushima since Chernobyl, assassination of bin Laden, London Riots, Downgrade of American government's stocks for the first time and more. Due to a number of big events that headlined all over the world sensationally, 2011 will be an unforgettable year for years to come in various meanings.
Some Japanese Net-users, however, are arguing that 2011 is nothing when compared with previous years that built current orders and frameworks of the world from the ground up.
Let's see what happened in the past.


  • February: the collapse of the Egyptian autocratic regime.
  • March: Japan's Tohoku earthquake and Tsunami.
  • April: Fukushima Nuclear Power plants melt down.
  • May: the assassination of bin Laden.
  • August: London Riots


  • January: Japan: Hanshin-Awaji Great Earthquake.
  • February: Ebola virus hemorrhagic fever.
  • March: Aum-Sinrikyou (newly-risen religion)'s sarin gas attack on Tokyo Saubway, resulted in many deathes.
  • April: Bombing of a government building in Oklahoma City. Fatal Stabbing of Murai, a central player of Aum-Shinrukyou.
  • May: Shouko Asahara, the first and last leader of Aum-Shinrikyou, was arrested.
  • June: A large-sized department store in Seoul, South Korea was collapsed. 
  • July: the Great Flood damages in Niigata and Nagano, Japan on July 11th.
  • August: the first bank crash in Japan, caused the beginning of Japan's financial crisis as well as major economic depression.
  • Sephtember: France forced though the nuclear bomb test
  • October: Mt. Kujuu erupted.
  • November: Roe Tae-woo, a former South Korean president, was arrested.


  • January: Japan's former Emperor passed away, and Japanese traditional name of year was changed from Shouwa (昭和) to Heisai (平成).
  • February: Russian army drew off from Afghanistan.
  • April: Nintendo brought out Game-Boy.
  • May: China's Tienanmen Square Incident. Democratic election was held in Poland.
  • June: LDP, Japan's largest political party, suffered a crushing defeat for the first time.
  • October: Hungary shifted from a socialistic state to a republic state.
  • November: Fall of the Berlin Wall. Fall of Czechoslovakian communist regime.
  • December: Bush-and-Gorbachev meeting that announced officially the end of the Cold War. Japan's babble economy burst.


  • January: Japan's Mikawa earthquake, resulted in 1180 deaths. Liberation of Jews from Auschwitz.
  • February: Air-raid on Dresden, resulted in 150,000 deaths. American forces exterminated Iwo-Jima, killed 20,000 Japanese soldiers.
  • April. Battle of Okinawa, resulted in 200,000 deaths. Mussolini's gun-down and Hitler's suicide.
  • May: Fall of Berlin, resulted in 400,000 deaths.
  • July: Germany was divided up in west and east. the Potsdam Declaration.
  • August: A-bombing on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, resulted in the end of WWII.
  • September: MacArthur came to Japan. Russia dominated Japan's northern islands.
  • October: GHQ was established.

Some Net-users commented that we are lucky to be born in this modern times, while others said that 2011 is still going; something big could happen later this year.

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