A Pointless Video of Japan's Tourism-Promotion

Shortly after the massive tsunami and the M9-level-earthquake that damaged Japan heavily, the afflicted areas received a great number of donations from the world, and their cooperative minds penetrated to inner hearts of Japanese people.
Thank-you videos made by the Japanese tourism department in response to the cooperation, however, had an unfortunate consequence. The video is confusing audiences rather than amusing them.
The main purpose of the video is to win back tourists worldwide due to the fact that the number of tourist coming to Japan decreased sharply in keeping with the harmful rumors of nuclear issues that spread across the globe.
On the video, a Japanese idol group, called Arashi, mainly introduces Japanese major cities that have been tourists's destinations, including, Tokyo, Kyoto, Okinawa, Hokkaido and the like. However, the members of the group seemingly try to introduce themselves instead of the cities, and their attitude makes the video pointless. 
The biggest reason why the video was failed is because of the fact that the idol group's recognition is only limited to Japan. If Japanese really want to win back tourists worldwide, they should bring Japanese prominent figures or Japan itself to the fore instead of the wishy-washy idols.

For this issue, Japanese Net-users commented:
"Lack intelligence."
"This is for Japanese nationals living abroad."
"Can't believe that this is made by taxpeyes' money."
"Slack jawed..."
"Nobody will come here."
"Why didn't they use Godzilla?"

By comparison, there are successful tourism-promotion-videos of other Asian countries, including India and Malaysia.



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