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Google's New Approach: Chrome Pixel

Via: YouTube

The Reason Why You Can't Drink 20-Year-Old Pepsi

The guy on this video challenged something we've never imagined possible. He drank 20-year-old Crystal Pepsi right out of the bottom. The result is needless to say but it's like the picture below↓ Via: Yahoo YouTube

Remarkable Russia: No Hands Push-ups

Only in Russia lol YouTube Rocket News 24

Another Approach for the Future: SpaceTop's Tangible Screen

In TED, MIT's graduate student, Jinha Lee revealed his developing technology of "tangible" 3D screen that allow an user to manipulate objects (or windrows) inside the screen freely as he wish, while the keyboard is hidden behind the 3D screen: in which case you must be comfortable with blind-touch.  Via: YouTube Himajin-Sokuhou

A Truth About Our Solar System That Change Your View Forever!

Did you know that our planet, namely Earth, is a part of a spiraling space-ship that moves in 70,000 k/.h? The newly founded truth about our solar system where the sun drags the peripherals in its wake. And more importantly, it is another way to look at ourselves.  Via: YouTube