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A Family Reunion at Rays Game

A military father surprised his daughter who thought he was in Afghanistan. You might also like this post Via: YouTube

What If the Largest Countries Had the Biggest Populations?

US and Brazil are the same as the reality. You might also like this post Via: Himajin-Sokuhou

Low Demand For Facebook Phone

HTC First, whose another name is Facebook Phone, turned out  so unpopular that AT&T, for one day,  decided to lower its price from $99 to 99 cents. Despite their sacrificing effort, the phone hasn't been sold well due to the fact that Facebook Home isn't user-friendly at all. According to a specialist, Facebook Phone series will be discontinued soon, and unsold boxes of the phone will be returned to the manufacturer. You might also like this post YouTube Slashdot

CALDERA: a World According to a Girl who lives a Different Reality

Beautiful, but destructive. The animation, titled, Caldera , describes a girl who is able to see things we can't. Her reality is different from the rest of us,and she enjoys her own world which is invisible to us and it's something we haven't ever imagined it exists. Our blindness always try to assimilate them to our world and reality without having even a moment to consider if what is visible to our eyes are everything or not. How do you think? You might also like this post Via: YouTube