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Sony's Hatsune-Miku-special Walkman

In commemoration of the fifth anniversary of a Japanese virtual singer, Hatsune Miku's birth, Sony released Hatsune Miku's fifth anniversary special walkman models, blue-colored NW-S764/L and black-colored NW-S764/B respectively in limited quantities, as they sold the models by subscription since the early August for which more pre-orders than they expected were made. The fact is the products were sold in as soon as four hours, indicating the her great popularity in Japan, the country of Otaku. You might also like this post Via: AV Watch 

Final Fantasy VII - The Movie Teaser HD

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Another Microsoft's Foolhardy Attempt: Bing It On Challenge

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Honda ConceptS Won German Design Competition

Of all 350 entries, Dongfeng Honda's concept car, Honda ConceptS , won German design competion, Automotive Brand Contest 2012 , for its attractiveness which embodies the fashionable and urban lives of the young.  In collaboration with Japanese development team, Chinese staffs made the model based on their study about lifestyles of the young of China. You might also like this post Via: YouTube Kinisoku

Surrealistic Japanese Artist: "Macho Dragon" by Tatsumi Fujimani

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Games We Play

In your childhood, you - even in your adulthood - may have played those secret games all by yourself. Without PCs or Play Stations, everything could have been your toys as far as you have your immense imagination. You may also like this post Via: YouTube Gigagine