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Nippon Manju by LADYBABY

Have you ever seen a video like this before??? Take a look at the unique combination of metal and J-pop that is unprecedented in every possible level of our imagination. Prior to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, LADYBABY takes you on a journey throughout the remarkable city with a gift, Nippon Manju. You might also like this post Via: YouTube

41 Hours in the Elevator

A man locked inside the elevator for 41 hours suffer in agony. Allegedly, he was hit with diarrhea. Via: LiveLeak

Asian Boy Sets His Balls on Fire

Asian kid trying to look cool while smoking a Cigarette, miserably fails and sets his balls on fire lol Via: LiveLeak

Fatal Bungee Jumping in Bolivia

Allegedly the girl was confirmed dead today (24/4/2017). The travel agency was hiding the death due to bad PR.

Two-year Old Nephew Touches Canadian Models's Breasts

Canadian model, Tillie Medland allowed her nephew, Jetson, to put his hand down her sports bra, and the video has had more than 65,000 views as well as criticized as an inappropriate video to be shared over the social network. Some even suggested that his parents should go to prison over the footage. You might also like this post Via: YouTube