Kyoto Refused to Light a Farewell Bonfire with Trees sent from Afflicted Area.

A Great Bonfire in Kyoto

Harmful rumors are spreading across Japan. In this week, Kyoto, a Japanese ancient capital famous for its conservative nature, said "NO" to light a farewell bonfire with a tree sent from Rikuzen-Takata city, Iwate, one of the most damaged area of the earthquake and massive tsunami, for the fact that the local officials found radioactive ingredients from the tree.

It all started with the same kind of the problem occurred last week. Iwate prefecture sent a tree to Kyoto to light a bonfire with its traditional customs to wish the reconstruction of the afflicted areas as well as pray for those who lost their lives in the incidents. Kyoto, however, sent the tree back to Iwate; soon after that, Japanese Net-users and Japanese TV Networks reported the issue, aiming their attacks on Kyoto.

Accordingly, in this week, Kyoto's local officials publicly apologized for what they have done and decided to light a bonfire with another Iwate's tree, resulting in second-time refusal.

For this issue, Japanese Net-users commented various thoughts. While some of them supported Kyoto, others claimed against the traditional and conservative city.
Since this issue includes discriminative problems, it may cause significant ripple across the nation.



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