Things to Disappear within the Next Decade

On an electronic board, Japanese Net-users started discussions about things to disappear within the next decade.Their discussions were mainly focused on technologies that change in a first pace.
There are some examples they stated on the discussions.

  • CDs
  • 3D-TV-Glasses
  • Electronic-Book-Readers
  • Hard-Discs
  • Portable Game Players
Other than that, they also stated several things that may disappear from our everyday lives in the future.

  • Nintendo
  • Myself
  • Hairs
  • Japan
  • Ex-wife
  • Her Virgin
  • Newspapers
  • Twitter
  • My business
  • Panasonic and Sony
  • The Earth
  • Euro
  • Tokyo
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows Me
  • K-POP
  • Peace
  • Freedom
  • North Korea
  • Human Being


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