Possible Candidates of "Kanji (Chinese Character) of the Year"

Starting in 1995, Annually, Japan Kanji-Kentei-Kyoukai, a judicial foundation, pick out one Kanji (Chinese character) that represents each year by a vote of the people. In the majority of cases, Kanjis chosen by them are expressing big events or incidents occurred within a year that are unforgettable for years to come, for instances, 災: sai (incident) represents a quack, 蹴: shu (kick) represents World Cup and the like.

History of Kanji of the Year:

1995: 震 (quack, shake): events: Kobe Earth-quack, Sarin Gas Attack on Tokyo Subway System.
1996: 食 (meals, eat): events: food intoxication, mad mow disease.
1997: 倒 (falling down): events: successive bunkrupticies of large-sized firms.
1998: 毒 (poison, toxic): inter-fusion of dioxin and arsenic into food.
1999: 末 (the end, future): end of the century, Tokaimura nuclear accident.
2000: 金 (gold, money): a Japanese female runner wined gold medal in Sydney Olympic for the first time.
2001: 戦 (war, battle): 9/11 terror attacks.
2002: 帰 (return, go back home): Japanese abduction victims returned from North Korea for the first time in 20~30 years.
2003: 虎 (tiger): Hanshin Taigers (a Japanese base-ball team) won Japan Series for the first time in couple of decades.
2004: 災 (incident): Niigata-chuuetsu earth-quack.
2005: 愛 (love): events: Exposition of Global Harmony held in Nagoya, Japan.
2006: 命 (life, born): Prince Hisahito was born.
2007: 偽 (fake): events: discovery of Japanese venerable's food fraud, including Fujiya, Shiroi-Koibito.
2008: 変 (change): "Change" by President Obama's slogan.
2009: 新 (new, refresh): Japanese diplomatic government newly inaugurated, replacing LDP, that had had controlled Japanese politics for a half of the century.
2010: 暑 (heat, hot): record heat in summer.

Too many unprecedented events already having happened this year, Japanese Net-users posted possible Kanji that might be chosen for this year on an electric board. Most of them, however, are too negative or pessimistic, representing the year of 2011.

Some of possible kanjis to be chosen this year Net-users posted:

漏: (leak): Nuclear Leakage in Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power-plants.
滅: (downfall)
核: (nuclear power)
涙: (tears)
疑: (doubt); Japanese government failed to sweep away skepticism people have had about the Fukushima incidents.
: (the end)
電: (electric power); TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power Company) has been aimed by people's attack for the responsibility of nuclear melt-down.
魔: (hell, monstrous)
流: (water-stream, flow)
隠: (cover-up)



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