Panasonic Is in the Greatest Disaster Ever

Along with other Japanese major industries suffering from unending rise of yen as well as the fact that they have neither any creativity nor technologies to compete with their rivals in foreign lands, Panasonic is terribly tormented by as much as three-hundred-billion-dollar red figure as well as the great decrease of its profit by 80% when compared with that of the last year. 
Nevertheless the company has made a number of changes a few years ago in the inclusion of removing its original name "Matsushita" from the brand-name to integrate all departments of the company under its internationalized brand - Panasonic, relocation of its headquarters operations to Singapore as well as an absorption of Sanyo electronic industry; Panasonic made every wrong decision.
Some argue that the company's fall is just a beginning that the crisis could jeopardize the continuation of the company as a whole.
One of the reasons why Panasonic is falling is because of the fact that the company hasn't been providing any attractive product that could compete with those made by Apple or Samsung as well as the fact that the company - in per withe other Japanese companies - has been casting its eyes only on the domestic demand without any spirit to challenge the world market. 



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