New Hollywood Godzilla

More than a decade since the year Roland Emmerich adopted Godzilla, one of Japanese icons, to American screens down the line, Hollywood aims at creating another American Godzilla movie.

The design of the monster is very original-Godzilla looking unlike Emmerich's version, which received unfavorable criticism as some Godzilla fans in the US named it GINO, Godzilla in Name Only.
Learning from the failure in the past, the new American Godzilla greatly resembles to the Japanese original feature; while the Emmerich's reminds audiences of a dinosaur or a large iguana.

Roland Emmerich's Godzilla (1998)

An Image from the Emmerich's Godzilla

Japanese Very Original Godzilla (1954)

For this issue, Japanese Net users commented:
"Really COOL!!"
"Looks like a villain of Marvel Comics."
"It's nice, but it's not the one." 
"Godzilla must be cute in some way."
"Another GINO."
"While Japanese Godzilla plays pop music, this one ROCKS!"



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