Nintendo Suffers From Red Figures

Creating a number legendary game-titles, including Mario series and Pokemon, as well as huge-hit game players, including Super NES, Gameboy and Nintendo DS, Nintendo has been gaining world-wide populations from both kids and even adult-game players. However, the company is mired in the greatest slump ever due to rise of its unexpected rivals with the inclusion of Apple's advanced devices capable to play music, games and movies and other smart-phone-based social games taking over old-Nintendo-style games. 

The company announced officially that it is suffering from red figures especially because of the bad-sales performance of Nintendo 3DS, which was much-publicized before its release across the world. With its amazingly ugly design, it is no way to beat its rivals down.


The guy in the video throw his 3DS into the trush.

While Nintendo's devices suck, Sony is also suffering from Vita's anemic sales even in its home-country, Japan. At the mean time, Apple's iPhone was sold out in one night, there were thousands of Vita's stocks in electronic stores across the nation. 



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