Japan Turns Its Back on China

In-between two world-powers, the U.S., and China, Japan has been led around by the nose and always will be. To keep having an influence on Asia-Pacific areas, US government invited Japan to join in American-centered economical framework - TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) - while China tried to draw Japan into Asian-based framework, ASEASN (Association of South East Asian Nations) + 3 (Japan, South Korea and China), which is aimed to be like EU-based strong union in the future.
The ultimate purpose of TPP is to get rid of customs duly that is applied on every item traded bi-lateral nations who are members of the framework, at the mean time, there is an American speculations to rule out Chinese influence in the global context. Since Japan is proud of the third largest economy as well as its first-rate status in the world, the both of the world-powers tried to embark the nation into their groups.
Today, Japanese Prime-Minister, Noda, announced officially that the nation will take hand with the U.S. due to the bilateral strong tie that has lasted long for more than 60 years.
Some Japanese politicians, however, strongly and persistently, protested against Japan to join-in  TPP due to possible risks the nation may bear in the future in the inclusion of dramatic decrease of Japanese self-sufficiency ratio of food (40% for now), and total occupancy of American products across Japan. That might cause Japan to be economical colony of the US.
Some argue that any of Japanese industry doesn't have any power to compete with that of the States, including Microsoft, Apple, Google and more, while others welcome the change in the bilateral relationships by the fact that hope their lives are changed.

How will the Japanese decision affect on the relationships with the powers?


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