World's Worst Cuisine Cultures

Before watching pictures below, be sure to prepare a BARF BAG!

(Japan) Red Sea Bream

(Mexico) Ant's Larvae Pilaf

(China) Soup of Swallow's Nest

(China) Shrimps Steeped in Alcohol 

(Indonesia) Coffee Beans Made of Zibet's Poops

(The Philippines) Duck's Boiled Egg

(Sweden) Fermented Herring Famous For Its Strong Odor

(Cambodia) Fried Tarantula

(Italy) Maggot Cheese

(Asia) Baked Reptiles

(Indonesia) Sun-flower's Seed

(Taiwan) Fried Bream Apart From Head

(Japan) Puffer Fish's Sashimi

(South Korea) Fresh Octopus

(Japan) Tuna-fish's Eye

(U.S.) Fried Brain Sandwich

(Southern Africa) Baked Warms

(South Korea) Fresh Octopus Hashed into Pieces

(China) Goat's Pennis 



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