Facebook-Phone Project Is Launched

A Facebook team led by Bret Taylor, the company's CTO,  is developing an Android-based Facebook OS, which will be applied into HTC platforms for the first trial; the cord-name is "Buffy." Despite the fact that Facebook's trials to create their own OS-based platforms have been failing so far, the company tries to get beyond their current state as a mobile-platform.
The Android-based Facebook-Phone would be equipped with several abilities to suit with Facebook utilities, the details are still veiled in mystery.
These days, iOS and Android are steeling spotlights from Facebook, maybe this would be the last chance for the company to appeal their capabilities.
However, with the fact that Facebook ranked in top five of the most hated firms in the US dut to the privacy problems, Facebook might have something to improve before making such desperate efforts to compete with Apple and Google.



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