Gunkan-jima: Japan's Ghost Island

Gunkan-jima - officially named Hashima - is situated off of the coast of Nagasaki port as well as is famous for its ghostly features. Being launched as a small coal-pit island, the island had become the core engine to cater for energy demand of Japan during the 1960s in when the nation experienced a rapid economical growth - increasing of 10%  per year - until the coal pit was totally emptied.
During its heydays, more than 5,000 people lived in the island - population density was bigger than that of Tokyo at that days - and enjoyed wealthy lives derived from the coal-pit industry. The island had even hospitals, movie theaters, schools and a lot more of facilities.
The island, however, heard the end of its thrive all of so sudden when the coal closing was imminent; and none of the residents stayed in the island without gambling their lives on establishing new industries there. Then, the whole island failed in ruins in the span of time.



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