Japan's Possible Official Name

Have you ever thought "if you could name your country"? Almost a decade ago, Shintaro Ishihara, who's remaining his position as the Mayer of Tokyo since 1999, invited the public to offer their opinions about possible official name of Japan in 2003; and millions of people, from the young to the old, responded nationwide.
The vast majority of them made ironical remarks about Japan and the country's political position, which is swayed between two super-powers, USA and China. When viewed from historical perspective, both are the hardest powers to ignore to learn about Japan. Some even make a mock of Japan as the 51st State, while others argue that the country is the perfect socialistic state despite its democratic features.

Here are the samples of Japanese people's answers; and it is another way to learn about the strange county.

Socialistic Constitutional Monarch of Japan
The Far Eastern Dominion of America
Shameless Republic of Japan
Peace-at-any-price Republic of Japan
Anglo-Saxon-worshipers' State of Japan.
Little Islands on the Pacific (spoofing Little House on the Prairie)
Permanent Obeying Sate of Japan
People's Republic of China: Japan Province
Self-abusing Republic of Japan



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