The Shame of Japan: This Complete Idiot lol

Politicians are idiot. Yeah, we all know that and that's universal. Here is another example: an idiot, who is now rumored to be psychopath, was historically crying in a talk with reporters.
Ryutaro Nonomura, 47, was accused of wasting public money on visiting hot spring more than 100 times a year. And here is a problem, he didn't have any receipt to proof his visits on the facilities. We don't expect him to use our common sense anyway... Because of his wasting public money for his personal joy, he was forced to apologize during the press conference live on TV, where he shouted nonsense phrases, weeping like a baby. He closed his Twitter account a day after the legendary pres-conference and now he has nowhere to go, but leave his job - no one knows what kind of job he got done though.



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