Going Underground And Beyond: The Siemens Inspiro

No matter where you are, subways (or underground) is not a comfortable place. Always jammed, crowded, and gasping for breath and fresh air. Began in October 2013, 'Going Underground: our journey to the future' exhibition gives further opportunity to Londoners to experience what the future of the underground is with a three-month extension. 
With the joint partnership between Siemens and London Transport Museum, the exhibition allow us to have a glimpse in to the out-of-the-box thinking design that leads to the future of the underground. With 30% more energy efficient and 20% lighter than the current metro trains, the Siemens Inspiro gives us an idea what the future metro trains should be and what directions we should follow to reproduce the city and the world as a whole sustainable. 

However, the future design somehow reminds me of this thing below...

...or maybe this thing



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