Old Casio Watch with Apple Logo on the Back

We tend to be blind when we comer across brands. This time, it's Apple. In Jimmy Kimmel's show, people were somehow convinced that an old Casio watch with Apple log on the back is actually an Apple's smart-watch that is not existed yet. 
What is sad is that when the reporter says "It also shows you the date" or "it has an alarm," people just answered as if they've never seen those features before. It is clear that it neither help their life better nor solve their essential problems. Still people strictly believe in a fantasy that what Apple does is always right. It also suggests the point that anything attached with Apple log could be a commercial success in the world of brands.

And here is an TV ad made by Samsung who is in envy of the Apple brand. Anyway, it's all about brands and the question is that why do we care about them?



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