Is the World Becoming Less Safe Place to Live in or Not?

Due to an Israeli terror attack, four children playing soccer at beach in Gaza were killed. Air-raids in the region becomes something Israeli and Palestinians take for granted. Explosive flames are now everywhere, and heavy smokes are blanketing the area where many debris of destroyed buildings are piled up on the streets. According to AFP, the number of deaths has reached 306 and the number is increasing even at this moment.

In Israel, however, the some citizens enjoy watching the bomb attack on Palestrina from a hill above the attacked region..

On the other hand, some argue that it is wrong that Israeli military forces are bombing randomly on Palestinian cities. They pin-point Hamas strongholds not the innocent citizens. the evidence proved that they are issuing evacuation advisory in Arabic before bombing.  So why is there so many Palestinian deaths? It's Hamas. Hamas hides their weapons and rocket bombs in hospitals and mosques to keep Israeli forces from attacking their properties by using innocent Palestinians as human shield. Remember, even Israeli people are not fully supporting the bombard attack on their neighbors.



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