No Food, No Life.

Just after the earthquake centered in North-East part of Japan, tsunamis became the biggest threat to destroy not only maritime areas, but also inland areas. A whole village was sweat away by a tsunami, and hundreds of bodies were cast ashore on a riverbank.
Not only are natural disasters capable enough to destroy people's everyday lives, man-made disasters applied destructive damage on especially those live in urban areas; soon after the first-shock stopped, people rushed to convenience-stores, super-markets and the like to get foods as much as possible. It had not taken much time until all food to be disappeared from those stores. Since Japanese self-sufficient ratio is less than forty-percent, it will need time to import another set of food from foreign countries. What if such powerful earthquake strike Tokyo? Above anything else, we need to eat, and such essential part is the Japan's failure. At least, Japanese government must make ready for the potential food shortage.


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