Changes in Japanese Relations with Its Neighbors and Those on the Half-Way Around the Earth

On March 18, 2011, Kremlin claimed that Russia, which has set up Japan as a potential enemy since before the postwar period has begun, have enough accommodations for those who victimized in the quake in Japan as well as can take them up as labor powers in Sybilla - it is colder than the quake-hit areas. For this offer, the majority of Net-users in japan responded that it is nothing other than ridiculous. At the same time another news was brought to Japan; a Russian newspaper applied an essay in its paper that Russia should give back the Japan's Northern territories to Japan - the bilateral dispute over the four islands situating on northern part of Japan has ruined the relationship between the two since the end of the World-War II - to cure off the Japanese sorrow caused by the series of havoc. The most of readers of the paper responded negative perspective for the essay though. Does disaster have power to change such bilateral relationship?
On the other hand, from this havoc, Japanese are allowed to have a glimpse into hidden perspectives on its neighbors, which have claimed Japan over territorial issues. Taiwanese elementary kids, for example, practiced sending a shout-out to Japan all at once in front of TV cameras. South Korea and China have provided resources to Japan for free, and political groups and organizations which have anti-Japan sentiment as its engine to act stopped their activities, correcting money to aid Japan.



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