This Is Why We Don't Watch TV

Recently in Japan, a trend away from television is becoming more an more obvious as it is seen in the dramatic decrease of audience rate, even in prime time. Reasons why people are keeping distance with television is because of the rise of the Internet and meanness of TV contents. Also, Japanese TV talents' reckless behaviors, which is unbelievable from the perspective of the common-sense view, caused socialistic ripples over and over again.
Such is happened again in a comedy show broadcast by Fuji Television, one of Japan's major networks.
A TV talent called Gekidan-Hitori mockingly played as the Bhutan King in the comedy show despite the fact that Bhutan King and process are Japanophile as well as donated a of money to Japan's afflicted areas. His behavior surely caused a feeling of repulsion among the audiences,  arousing criticisms on the Internet.



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