Politically-incorrect World Map

The world map depicts each nation's characteristics with biased views. Even though nobody knows who drew this map, some argue that this might be drawn by a British person because the U.K. is in the center.

U.S: Freedom and Jesus
U.K: No Freedom and No Jesus
Canada and Alaska: Shitty Music and Bears
Mexico: Tequila and Porn (the Bad Kind)
South America: Drugs and Super Models
Scandinavia: Vikings and  Porn (the Good kind)
Greenland: Maybe More Vikings?
Iceland: Bjork
Europe: Art
Russia: Mail Order Brides
Middle-East: War and Oil
Africa: More War
India: Call centers
China: Reebok and Nike
Japan: Yu-Gi-Oh and Porn
South-East Asia: Terror
Australia: Racists
New Zealand: Hobbits

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  1. This map was drawn in a gogo bar in Thailand. A couple of people did it together. One was American, one was Australian and One was English.


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