Want of a Sliver of Life

Few decades down the line, Japanese has experienced significant generational gap in terms of sense of value to view their real-life context. Since the postwar period, those in Japanese mainstream has stressed on the virtue to live off of being permanent employees getting out of their poor lives. Such belief could root in the society according with the dramatic economic expansion; today, the circumstance around employees,however, changed completely with decline of Japanese economy. Throughout such change, people, especially youth, started to consider whether following the mainstream, which is unstable today, is valuable enough to make their lives meaningful or not. One of reflections on such the social context is the popularity of series of mangas created by a young manga artist, Inio Asaho, best known in Japan for "Soranin," which adopted a live-action movie. In his works, characters commonly don't have any strong impression or any supernatural ability as we can see in "One Piece," or "Dragon Ball," but have what people in general have as well as struggle with their society and people around.
Reveling mightily against the society as well as finding a sliver of life in their lives to find a breakthrough event to better themselves, characters - guitarist to manga artist and everyone in between - in his works do whatever they can do. Despite their hustles, the society overwhelms them under the name of the fact that main-streamers have good-and-better lives.
If you are interested in his works, why don't you have a look at them?

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