Introduction to OS X Mountain Lion and Our Future

This summer, less than a year later, Apple will bring iPad experience into Mac with OS X Mountain Lion, on where you can do what you've experienced on iPad or iPhone. 
With the strong iCloud integration, you can seamlessly save documents, settings and more in the Cloud as well as share them among your iOS devices and Mac. 
Now that iOS and Mac highly synchronize the other.
While Apple tries to make a stark difference between the traditional forms of computers, like laptop or desktop devices and iOS-based tablet and phone, Microsoft will entirely shift Windows-based devices into touch-screen-based tablets. Will Windows 7 survive even after the arrival of Windows 8?

The Future Is Now or Never

Thanks to Apple, Google and Microsoft, our life is highly improved, and they are letting the future world we imagined happen with their advanced technologies. 
But is this the future we imagined during the '80s or '90s? 
Arguing how advanced our time is popular in Japanese electronic bords relating to 2ch, Japan's largest internet community along with Twitter.
Several decades ago, children dreamed of futuristic Twenty-first century as flying cars run across the air, but it has never happened as of today; maybe we have to wait for another century to let the unrealistic dream come true. 
During the '90s, we couldn't  imagine the advent and the rapid growth of the Internet of which cloud and social-networking play important role, and the fact is very enough to believe us that we are in the future. 
But is that true? Our 21st century is going to be different from what we thought. 
It is, however, certainly sure that things are improving day by day; when compared to the '80s, when time seemed standing still, today's rapid growth of technology is moving our world faster the ever before as newly-developed technologies are emerging almost everyday as represented by iPhone series.
But in the big picture, our technology has not yet led to what we call the futuristic level except for the Internet-based devices. Cars, for example, are still "cars." Jambo-jet stills stays in the same design for almost a half century along with NASA's space shuttles. 
Some Net-users claimed that design and all the integrated technologies has already achieved certain level as well as has no space of innovation like the Wright brothers' airplane; options we have are very limited and one of them is just keep improving what is available today. How do you think about it?



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