Not Cool Japan: Panasonic's Smart Viera TV-ad Is Banned for a Ridiculous Reason

It's probably the best time to say good-bye to our commercial TV networks which are nothing but only  fossils of the past. Japanese major commercial networks made an outrageous decision to ban to air Panasonic's latest smart-TV series, Smart Viera which has a variety of connectivities to major Internet services, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more. So you can share what you are watching on TV on YouTube or Facebook anytime you want when you are in front of the TV. 

And, here is the thing. Japanese commercial TV networks decided not to air the smart-TV's ad due to the product's violation of the industrial rule according to which the TV-picture must be displayed on the screen entirely: while the viera offers users to access to the Internet as the social networking systems are displayed on the right-side and the bottom of the screen. 
And conclusion Japanese net-users draw from this issue is that their out-dated ideas which are totally incompatible with the new age kills Japanese industry and technology advance. So How do you think?

Navar matome


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