Melt Down

On May 13th, 2011, Tokyo Electronic Power Co, inc (TEPCO) admitted the fact that the nuclear-power plants numbered one to three are melt down; and this fact should have been common sense in the Japanese government as well as the company.
If this fact had been uncovered earlier, people in Japan would have experienced a great panic ever before, causing economical and political disorder in the nation.
A couple of days down the line, none of Japanese media report the news as a lead story; instead of that, their focus is on a suicide of a Japanese talent who took her life at the age of 24.
Some of the specialists mentioned the fact that the situation of Fukushima could be worsened than that of Chernobyl.
Some Japanese Net-uses jokingly posted a comment, reading "well, we just need to wait for a few MILLIONS of years to wait for the attenuation of the nuclear materials.
As you can see on the world map, compared with the size of former Soviet Union in national territory, it obviously dwarfed Japan. The point is; Japan is not such a enormous nation like China, so everything is compacted in this country. The Fukushima disaster made the country even more compacted...


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