Going Backward

More than a month down the line, Japan is taking back ordinary life, except the afflicted areas. People in casual suites enjoy their lives amid the crowd of Tokyo, behaving as nothing happened before; things, however, may be changing faster than any of us think.
Just after the Eastern-half of Japan had experienced the Tohoku-Earthquake on March 11th, 2011, Tokyo-Sky-Tree, the tallest building in East Asia, surpassed 600 meters. Amid such darkened days, Tokyoites found some kind of hope in the tower. During such time, Tokyo governor's election was on the run, and Shintaro Ishihara, the previous governor who's experienced three times of the position, was elected again despite the fact that he has said that the earthquake was a divine punishment. Especially, people in the afflicted areas were upset by his win in the election.
One of the major reason he has won it was because of the his long-time experience of the position, and people in Tokyo let him take the helm to lead the megalopolis, especially in this timing in which people live their lives in seemingly unending cycle of sorrow. Another reason of which he is so popular is because of the fact that he issued his statement in which Japanese-legal gambles, including "Pachinko," a pin-ball-like games that abusively use large amount of electronic powers for big sounds and lightings, must decrease the usage of the power to save for people in need of it. That statement became his punch-line to catapult himself to the top of the competition among the candidates as if the public itself hoped for the coming of a person who say such thing.
Not only were Pachinkos put into the target of public blame, everything in the country became the subject of the blame from super-markets to local festivals and everything in between. Such atmosphere doesn't allow people in general to live freely, and such is relevant to the days before the World=War II in when people had less freedom than that of today and want someone who has a strong statement to rush the country into the non-merit war.


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