Japan's TV Networks Would Be Bankrupt by 2018.

With the fact that a Japanese TV-show producer tweeted on Twitter that the country's all major network's average audience rate experienced less than 10% a few month ago, and the tendency shows no sign of touching bottom due to the fact that people in general are now turning their backs on the networks while they find their own passions on the Internet. They don't want to see any poorly-talented TV talents any more, they need what they really want to know without being disturbed by noisy TV shows.
Ad revenue decreasing dramatically, TV networks are desperately doing various efforts to attract people to watch their shows; averagely almost 80% of their whole revenue is generated by ad money which is now shifting to the Internet though.
Since any of the networks haven't concerned about this TV crisis as well as haven't been working on any efforts to generate new ways to raise funds, they face with the beginning of the end.

While TV networks stick around the old-time-concept, which is a poor business-model when compared with other industries, the Internet-related agencies put their efforts on new concepts that would shape our tomorrows, and take place immediately. Google, for example, is started as a web-search company and now is expanding its influence on various fields in the inclusion of Android OS, Chrome OS, Google retail stores, Cloud-based services and the list goes on and on.



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