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The Increasing Number of Males Will Surpass That of Females

Christophe Guilmoto, a French demographer, indicated that the world will face with an unprecedented level of difficulties for male marriage especially those live in China and India due to the Asian's extremely male-centered ideas and traditions according to which Chinese and Indian parents prefer to have boys rather than girls.

Birth ratio between boys and girls according to nature is about 104 to 106 boys per 100 girls while there are about 120 to 130 boys per 100 girls in China and 112 boys per 100 girls in India and Vietnam. The trend is being expanded in other parts of the world too.
The unequal birth ratio was first being indicated in the book, More than 100 Million Women Are Missing, written by an Indian Novel-prized economist, Amartya Sen.
Even though world's experts' prospects for the future result of the male-over-plus societies are varied, they commonly look black on the future.
Political scientists, Valerie Hudson and Andrea Den Boer, argue that highly-male-popu…

Panasonic Is in the Greatest Disaster Ever

Along with other Japanese major industries suffering from unending rise of yen as well as the fact that they have neither any creativity nor technologies to compete with their rivals in foreign lands, Panasonic is terribly tormented by as much as three-hundred-billion-dollar red figure as well as the great decrease of its profit by 80% when compared with that of the last year.  Nevertheless the company has made a number of changes a few years ago in the inclusion of removing its original name "Matsushita" from the brand-name to integrate all departments of the company under its internationalized brand - Panasonic, relocation of its headquarters operations to Singapore as well as an absorption of Sanyo electronic industry; Panasonic made every wrong decision. Some argue that the company's fall is just a beginning that the crisis could jeopardize the continuation of the company as a whole. One of the reasons why Panasonic is falling is because of the fact that the company…

Ford Focus Crash Test Video


A Belgian Translucent Church


What Happened to Britney?


Japan Turns Its Back on China

In-between two world-powers, the U.S., and China, Japan has been led around by the nose and always will be. To keep having an influence on Asia-Pacific areas, US government invited Japan to join in American-centered economical framework - TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) - while China tried to draw Japan into Asian-based framework, ASEASN (Association of South East Asian Nations) + 3 (Japan, South Korea and China), which is aimed to be like EU-based strong union in the future.
The ultimate purpose of TPP is to get rid of customs duly that is applied on every item traded bi-lateral nations who are members of the framework, at the mean time, there is an American speculations to rule out Chinese influence in the global context. Since Japan is proud of the third largest economy as well as its first-rate status in the world, the both of the world-powers tried to embark the nation into their groups.
Today, Japanese Prime-Minister, Noda, announced officially that the nation will take hand wi…

Beautiful Girls in Japan


Will Windows8 Suck?

Along with Apple and Google, the electronic giants, the world is watching the moves of Microsoft, which gets relatively inconspicuous these days due to the newly-risen technologies taking over Windows-based-old-UI, including iOS, Android, Chrome OS and the like.
With the fact that people more and more tend to use touch-sensitive-based devices -iPhone, iPad or other Android-based devices - for their computing lives, Microsoft announced officially that devices installed Windows 8 will all have touch-sensitive panels for UI; and the decision will doom the continuance of current laptop-or-desktop-styled devices.

Microsoft is already distributing its latest OS, Windows 7, to touch-sensitive-UI devices, while laptop-and-desktop-based devices are the major platform of the OS. By comparison, Windows 8 will be dedicating only on touch-panel-based devices.

Instead of Applications, Windows8 will adopt "tiles" on its interface at the mean time they can be modified to Windows7-like inte…

Grand Orchestra of Human-VS-Animal Movies


Weird Pictures


Japan's Most Hated Celebrity

Recently, Shinsuke Shimada, one of such unrespectable TV talents, is fired from his agency due to his deep connection with Japanese gang groups as well as is deprived of any opportunity to appear on TV. Among the industry players, his connection with the gang groups was common sense in per with those who also have been acting in lordly manner with the backing of the gang groups while they don't have any talent or gift to bloom.

Shinsuke Shimada

There are other TV talents who are really hated especially among Japanese Net-users who are tired of watching the country's TV networks terribly dominated by those aged-and-unrespectable talents.
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Nintendo Suffers From Red Figures

Creating a number legendary game-titles, including Mario series and Pokemon, as well as huge-hit game players, including Super NES, Gameboy and Nintendo DS, Nintendo has been gaining world-wide populations from both kids and even adult-game players. However, the company is mired in the greatest slump ever due to rise of its unexpected rivals with the inclusion of Apple's advanced devices capable to play music, games and movies and other smart-phone-based social games taking over old-Nintendo-style games. 

The company announced officially that it is suffering from red figures especially because of the bad-sales performance of Nintendo 3DS, which was much-publicized before its release across the world. With its amazingly ugly design, it is no way to beat its rivals down.

The guy in the video throw his 3DS into the trush.
While Nintendo's devices suck, Sony is also suffering from Vita's anemic sales even in its home-country, Japan. At the mean time, Apple's iPhone was so…

Four-Authoritarian-King Nations VS Facebook

With more than seven hundred million users across the globe, Facebook became not only a SNS, but the largest community to share personal pieces of information without national borders; and such is something even Google failed to make it come true.
Since the network allow its users, especially those who are capable to understand English, to easily share what is going on in this world globally, politically-cloistered nations has been preventing their people to have a hand in Facebook along with Twitter, Google services and the like.
Recently, Myanmar, one of such nations, announced officially to open the internet freely to its people; in other words, Burmese are allowed to connect with the rest of the world via Facebook, Twitter or Google. The nation had been one of the nations practicing regulation of the Internet information in per with four-heavenly-kings, including China, Iran, Cuba and North Korea.
How is this Myanmar network revolution going in affect those who are still saying N…

Insurance Scam Fail


Photos Taken in China Allow You to Have a Glimpse into Ancient Asia.

An ancient fishing method developed in China catching trouts in rivers by using tamed cormorants can still be seen in some parts of China and Japan.  Since cormorants can't swallow down a trout at once, fishers quickly take the fish out of the cormorant's throat.