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San Diego Fireworks 2012: 20,000 Fireworks in 15 Seconds

By mistake Americans launched more that 20,000 fireworks within 15 seconds at once. The participants enjoyed the unexpected event, though. 
Via: YouTube Itai-News

Hamster-phobia Cat

Despite having larger body than hamsters, the cat on the video seems having a phobia about hamster.
Via: YouTube Karapaia

There Are No Difference Between Reality And Game

With sharpness of images, the racing game gets one-step closer to the reality.
Via: YouTube Kinisoku

Warning! May Cause Nightmare; Australian Dump Huge Shit On The Road

Another video that WOW you in a bad way. 
Via: YouTube Zaeega

The History of Nintendo - Brawl in the Family

As the gaming brand, Nintendo, is now renounced today, there was a long journey to get today's position as world's gaming leader. Start from a Hanafuda (Japanese traditional card game), the company even diversified into love-hotels; and finally they found themselves in the gaming field with their legendary big-hit series, including Mario, Pokemon and the list goes on and on. The Nintendo history, which even the Japanese don't know, would give you a chance to trace back to the beginning of the Nintendo.
Via: YouTube Rocket News 24

Watch All 135 Space Shuttle Launches at Once

From 1981 to 2011, 135 spaces shuttles had launched to the space in total. On the newly-uploaded video, Watch All 135 Spaces Shuttles Launches at Once, you can see the dramatic-moments at once.


You'll Know Top Fans of Your Posts

On July 11th, Facebook announced officially to implement a newly-developed function via which you would know how many friends read your posts; and what is more, you would get a list on which all of your friends's names who read your posts will be added. 
Via: Net-lab

Warning! May Cause Nightmare: Elmo Gets Shot in the Face And Loses His Head

As Elmo dolls have been treated badly, this one is not an exception.
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Via: YouTube Pokakito

Smart Trash-box; You Will Never Miss Throwing a Trash into a Garbage Can

Have you ever missed throwing a trash into your trash box? Well, with this newly-developed trash box by a amateur Japanese engineer, you would never miss your throw. Hope the "smart trash-box" will be a commercial reality in the near future, surprising your guests!
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