Japanese Media Pass Yamamoto with Silence

Almost daily, Japanese media has covered Chinese bullet-train's accident in which more than approximately 300 people lost their lives, and claim against Chinese  Communist Party's cover-up operations which they try to decrease the number of the victims.
While Japanese media enjoy the neighbor's sorrow, they refuse even to comment on a Japanese actor, Tarou Yamamoto (山本太郎), who resigned his entertainment agency after the tsunami disaster in March to start his own anti-nuclear-power-plants activity.
"What the Japanese government is doing is nothing other than giving up their own future," said Yamamoto in his speech in Ryukoku University (龍谷大学), Kyoto.
Travelling around Japan, especially affected prefectures, he tries to let general people know what is truly happening in his home country as well as be the incentive to let them think of what they can do to reconstruct Japan without depending on nuclear powers.
On the Internet, such as YouTube or his own Twitter account, his activity bears great attention, nevertheless Japanese media stay silence. With his amiable character, he frequently appeared on various TV shows as well as screens.
Once in a while, he gets a chance to appearing on local TV shows relevant to the disasters, but never flagship stations, especially in-and-around Tokyo. Some argued a possibility which  transparency of information is restricted in the capital areas centering in Tokyo.
However, in this age, in which people can get in access with the Internet, closure of information doesn't have much effect as it did a few decades ago.
This issue casts a question to us; what is the best form of media?



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