10,000sVr of Radiation in Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant.

On August 1st, 10,000sVr of radiation was measured in-between air-stack of Fukushima Daiichi nuclear reactor building and Daini nuclear reactor building. Immediately after the detection of the radiation, the government sealed off the area. That result was unprecedentedly risky more than ever.

Since the day tsunami took everything from the affected town and cities, the area within 20-kilometer radius of the plant has become mystery; nobody knows what is truly happening there. The Diet failed to swipe skeptical thoughts of people in general about the nuclear disaster due to the fact that they lately announced the true situation of the power-plants: melt-down of the reactor building and so forth.

The current situation around Japan is big challenges: reconstruction of the affected areas, nuclear disasters, Yen appreciation, strained relations with China and South Korea, American financial disaster, and more.

While the situation of the area within the 20-kilometer of the power-plants in Fukushiama is getting risky to not only the people in Fukushima; but also Japan as a whole, as far as looking at the Internet, people are attracted to other topics: anti-Korean or anti-Fuji TV movement that let people in general to express their personal displeasure as posting strong words on the Internet board. We should figure out our choice today.



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