Why Is This Happened? Jason Russell's Emotional Meltdown

Here is my question: "What is wrong with Jason Russell?" 

Since a few days ago, Russel's massive project KONY2012 has been bearing the great attention from all over the world, especially the West.
While his humanitarian point of view to save the poor children in Uganda from Kony's threat obtains broad international support from his supporters, some claim that the priority for Uganda is not to beat Kony, but to eliminate all forms of huge problems in the nation, including AIDS, starvation and more.
The rapid international recognition of Russell and his project, however, damaged his mentality from the core, resulting in masturbating in public in San Diego.
Nobody knows where KONY2012 is going to lead.

Did he ever care about his little boy before being crazy in public?

Video tribute to Jason Russell's emotional meltdown.



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